The program of the NASZ DOM Community

Helping adolescents and adults in the autism spectrum as well as their families.

As part of the program, the following projects are being realized:


"Nasz Dom" project


- aimed to arrive at objectives for a community of autistic people in Lutol Mokry, as well as to foster its emergence. Realization timeframe: 2011-2018. The addressees of the project include:

- adults and adolescents on the autism spectrum with varying degree of independence;

- their parents and guardians;

- volunteers and candidates for working team members;

- people supporting the process of creating and fostering the community.


1. To create, in the center of Lutol, a place where the group (or community) of adults in the autism spectrum could live and work

2. To provide them with the means to develop personally, socially, and professionally;

3. To decrease their dependence on guardians;

4. To provide financial funds and material assets.


Project "Active environments as your own support and organizator"


The project is being executed as part of the program "Citizens for democracy" which is financed from EOG funds between 03.2014 – 08.2015. It supports the parents and guardians of adults and adolescents in the autism spectrum.


The following events belong to the project:

1. A workshop assembly in Sierczynek for families with adolescents and adults in the autism spectrum (June - July 2014)


2. Meetings of Poznan Group and Sierczyn Group for such parents, held once a month since September 2014


3. The engagement of volunteer groups in satisfying the needs of such families and in managing their work (since September 2014)


4. Trainings of social skills (July 2015)


5. A seminar for parents. for parents from the groups.


The seminar's aims: to provide knowledge and information exchange between the participants.


Topic 1: "The emotionality of children in the autism spectrum in comparison with familial and social relations". Held between 8 and 9 of November 2014. Chairman: Anna Wojciechowska (Foundation Undrestand Autism)"

Topic 2: Legal standing of adults in the autism spectrum. Held: 7-8.02.2015. Chairman: dr. Monika Zima-Parjaszewska.

Topic 3: The system of financing the future of our children. Held: Termin: 13-14.06.2015.



The project is attended by 25 parents and 24 adolescent and grown-up children.

A few remarks on the project:



The project is to support parents and guardians of adolescent and grown-up children in the autism spectrum. As parents, we want to make sure that our children will prosper and enjoy relationships with others. These feelings are common for those who have a colleague, a friend, and who can do something, become a volunteer, execute or co-execute a particular objective, or be responsible for a particular task. It may happen that when we look at our own child, we - the parents - get overcome by doubt and anxiety. In these moments we do not believe they will have good future, that they will be able to function socially and find their place among people. What is more, many of our children require protective environment in order to live. Such environment needs to be created without impeding on the development of their potential. The project is an attempt to tackle challenges related to our children's adulthood. The Foundation is experienced in supporting parents. Conscious and active presence of parents has the power to transform the lives of their children, provided there is a readiness for change. Parents who support and collaborate with each other can change a lot: educational paths, types of therapy and rehabilitation, feeding methods, financing procedures, and even the usage of organizational and financial potential of the Foundation NASZ DOM, which is open to them. The point here is to build a community - a place where autistic adults could live - and to create a support center for families with adolescents and adults in the autism spectrum.


So, using the potential and possibilities offered by the Foundation, parents:


1. can begin cooperation and enter two self-help groups, where they can:

- prepare and introduce plans for specific actions socializing their children

- organize and manage the work of volunteers supporting families

- take part in workshops that train specific social skills in children


2. can take part in seminars whose aim is to instruct in:

- the ability to recognize legal, systemic and social conditions of taking care of autistic adults

- the foundations and possibilities of alternative education

- how a support center for families with autistic adolescents and adults function

- the details of functioning of the NASZ DOM Community in Lutol Mokry, as a form of living and working

- the details on financing the needs of autistic people in the future, which are especially crucial for ageing parents


The project is financed from EOG funds as part of the program Citizens for Democracy