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RENINGSBORG Helping Hands,  


RENINGSBORG is a Swedish social activist organization established in 1992. Its main aim is to help people in need, in difficult situations stemming from addiction, poverty, unemployment, incarceration, exile, social problems (homelessness, single parenthood, emigrant's alienation, etc.)

The seat of the organization is Vastra Frolunda near Geteborg (Western Sweden).


RENINGSBORG runs second-hand shops in Sweden and supplies shops in Romania, Poland, and Bosnia. The products they offer are high-quality and low-priced. The acquisition of articles, their preparation, mending, and transport is taken care of by the society's workers and volunteers. Profits are directed for the realization of statutory activities.


RENINGSBORG also manages a network of social apartments, offers social rehabilitation to prisoners, jobs for the residents of their centers and for the excluded.


The society cooperates with local authorities in realizing their projects. Thanks to that, the organization became an important entity involved in the local system of support in this part of Sweden.