WINDA program

WINDA program - counteracting failures in lives of adolescents. Coordinated by Daniel Fąferko. Projects currently in development as part of the program:



1. Cooperation with the Cooperative Society WINDA, established by the Foundation NASZ DOM and Family Support Center in Żagań


2. Cooperation with Multifunctional Social Cooperative WINDA-2, established by the Foundation NASZ DOM and The Society for Foster Parenthood from Sierczynek. The act of establishing the society WINDA-2 is a reponse to specific needs, i.e.:


- that of effectively making adolescents who leave their foster families independent;


- that of creating professional space for those biological parents of children placed in foster care who started making efforts to get them back home;


- that of enabling autistic adults to make the first steps in their professional careers;