Prior to the opening of the first shop in Zbąszyń, we asked our colleague, Beata, how it should be named. What do you mean "how", she said, it should obviously be NASZ DOM shop. And that's the way it is. Today there are three shops already. The first shop has been in operation in Zbąszynek since October 1, 2005. It is not your regular "second-hand shop" with used articles. It is supported by the idea to help the participants of the Foundation's programs. All profits from the shop finance social activism.


The shop functions thanks to the work of volunteers. It is a well-intergrated team. They meet a few times a week to prepare and perform sales. The atmosphere is conducive to establishing relationships. Sometimes one might think the shop is a club for people who a huge sense of their usefulness in social life. The shop is also a place where young people (participants of the WINDA program) learn how to be responsible and independent through work.


Thanks to the RENINGSBORG Society, our partner from Sweden (Vastra Frolunda near Geteborg), all shops are continually supplied with attractive articles. The choice is very wide: clothing, textiles, shoes, sports and rehabilitation equipment, household appliances, electronic devices, gramophone records, china, glassware, paintings, decorative articles, furniture, carpets, and even pianos.


The sales in the NASZ DOM shops is governed by the stadnards established by the RENINGSBORG Society. The main rule is that the vast majority of work is performed by volunteers, including adult pupils of the NASZ DOM Foundation.


The person responsible for running the shop is Anna Urbanowicz.


The principles governing the operations of the NASZ DOM shop in Zbąszyń:

to acquire financial funds for statutory activity of the Foundation

to create jobs, internships and vocational trainings for unemployed adolescents and pupils of the Foundation.

to make possible for the impoverished people to obtain low-priced items.

to make use of the historic station in Zbąszyń

to activate and integrate local community through volunteer work