Annual report

on activities of "Nasz Dom" Foundation in the year 2014


1. About the Foundation

Name: "Nasz Dom" Foundation

Seat: Lutol Mokry, borough Trzciel, Międzyrzecz county, Lubuskie voivodeship

Address: Lutol Mokry 48, 66-320 Trzciel,

Registration date: 18 June 1990

Date of submitting record to the National Judicial Register (hereinafter reffered to as the NJR): 18 January 2002

Position number in the NJR registry: 82987

Sąd Rejonowy w Zielonej Górze, VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego.]

REGON number: 210528589

List of Board Members according to current record in the judicial registry:

Anna Urbanowicz, Magdalena Weber, Karol Kuśmirek, Paweł Urbanowicz.


The aims of the Foundation are the following:

1. To bring help to children and adolescents that are alienated, shunned, or orphaned, or that are at risk of becoming alienated, shunned, or orphaned, as well as to the people who support them.

2. To bring help to children, adolescents, and adults that are in difficult situations and at risk of becoming abandoned and alienated.

3. To bring help to its grown-up pupils.

The Foundation pursues the aims by way of the following tasks:

1. Creating, financing and supporting:

a) foster homes, fraternal communities, therapeutic centers, or other forms of homes, communities or institutions.

b) education;

c) jobs;

d) socio-economical activities;

e) support funds,

f) or real estate resources,

2. Helping the disabled

3. Counteracting marginalization and social exclusion,

4. Financing construction and the renovation of buildings,

5. Cooperation with natural and legal persons, organizations, institutions, and other entities.

6. Running business activities.


2. The rules, forms and range of statutory activities, as well as the state of realizing its aims, along with the description of legal events pertaining to the Foundation's activities which have financial consequences.


Foundation "Nasz Dom" bases its operations in the regulations included in the Statute. The legal basis is the Foundation Act from 6 April 1984 (official codification: Journal of Laws from 1991, no. 46, item 203). Forms of activity include the accomodating and spending of those financial and material funds that are assigned for statutory operations. The range of the latter, as of 2014, included the support for:

The adolescents that experienced loneliness, loss of parents, and abandonment;

The parents whose children are on the autism spectrum;

The adolescents that are disabled, marginalized, and excluded,

Families threatened with loneliness and social abandonment. The support involved creating local support systems.


Information on the Foundation, contact info as well as source documents such as the Statute, the targets of particular programs and projects, and reports are located on our website:


Mission statement

The Foundation identifies as its mission the fostering of bonds among families and people who are anandoned, lonely, and socially excluded.

2014 was the 24th year the Foundation "Nasz Dom" had been in operation.

In 2014, the Foundation was involved in the execution of the following programs:


I. The Community Program "NASZ DOM" - helping adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum, as well as their families.


Within the program there are the following projects currently in operation:


1. "Nasz Dom" project - aimed to arrive at objectives for a community of autistic people in Lutol Mokry, as well as to foster its emergence. Realization timeframe: 2011-2018. The addressees of the project include:

- adults and adolescents on the autism spectrum with varying degree of independence;

- their parents and guardians;

- volunteers and candidates for working team members;

- people supporting the process of creating and fostering the community.


1. To create, in the center of Lutol, a place where the group (or community) of adults in the autism spectrum could live and work

2. To provide them with the means to develop personally, socially, and professionally;

3. To decrease their dependence on guardians;

4. To provide financial funds and material assets.


The Community "Nasz Dom" is a statutory activity whose aim is to provide organizational, material, financial, and accommodational support for the inhabitants - or the community members who include: people with disabilities, those at risk of abandonment and social axclusion, those with signs of profound and extensive developmental impediments stemming from infancy or early childhood and affecting their development with regards to socialization, communication, and display of stereotypical behavior. The community members also include parents or guardians, and siblings of the afflicted, as well as the Foundation's workers and volunteers.


2. Project "Active environments as your own support and organizator"

The project is being executed as part of the program "Citizens for democracy" which is financed from EOG funds between 03.2014 – 08.2015. It supports the parents and guardians of adults and adolescents in the autism spectrum.


In 2014, the following activities have been undertaken:

1. A workshop assembly in Sierczynek for families with adolescents and adults in the autism spectrum (June - July 2014)

2. Meetings of Poznan Group and Sierczyn Group for such parents, held once a month since September 2014

3. The engagement of volunteer groups in satisfying the needs of such families and in managing their work (since September 2014)

4. The first seminar meeting for parents, held from 8 to 9 November 2014 under the title: "The emotionality of children in the autism spectrum in comparison with familial and social relations". Chairman: Anna Wojciechowska (Foundation Undrestand Autism)


The seminar's aims: to provide knowledge and information exchange between the participants. The project is attended by 25 parents and 24 adolescent and grown-up children.


In the field related to institutional development, there have been trainings for the Foundation's working team involved in the realization of the program "Nasz Dom Community". These included: the training of the first and second level of the HANDLE method for the guardians of autistic adolescents and adults, conducted by the coach Paul Baptie; the trainings conducted by the coaches of the Foundation "Closer Together" in Warsaw, promotes the American Option Method, and within that, the Son-Rise Program; the training in the GPS method (Growth through Play System), organized by the Foundation Understand Autism from Łódź, and conducted by the coach Iwona Wojtasik. Within the framework of institutional development, the restructurization and redesign of the "Nasz Dom" Foundation's website has been financed.

The Foundation benefits from the philanthropic activities of Mr. and Mrs. Marie-Andree and Raymond Biebuyck from Ieper, Belgium. Since the Foundation's establishment in 1990, Mr. and Mrs. Biebuyck had supported first the Family Foster Care Center, and then went on to support the community of Nasz Dom in Lutol Mokry. They have been helping financing many expenditures, as well as providing material resources for the Care Center's residents. To this end, they held public and social gatherings in Belgium, during which they organized fund-raising for the Foundation's statutory activities as well as promoted ideas behind them. On June 6, 2013, in the consulate general in Brussels, Mr. and Mrs. Marie-Andree and Raymond Biebuyck were awarded Orders of Polonia Restituta, handed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Belgium, and issued by the President of Poland. This way, Poland expressed its gratitude for the many years of moral, material and financial support bestowed on the Foundation "Nasz Dom", as well as on many others philanthropists and charities in Poland. The Board of the Foundation expressed its profound gratitude for Mr. and Mrs. Biebuyck by honoring them with the name of Benefactors of the "Nasz Dom" Foundation in 2012.


II. The Program WINDA - aimed to counteract social exclusion.

The program is addressed to adolescents from foster families, as well as biological parents of children in foster care.

To date, within the program WINDA the following projects have been realized:

1. the construction of the New Home (2002/2005) - project has been co-financed by the Dutch organization Stifting Kinderpostzegels Nederland from Leiden, which covered 4/5 of the cost, the rest being financed by the Foundation

2. trainings for a group of professional foster parents and the social workers from family support centers who cooperate with them. The parents help abandoned adolescents become independent. The project (2005-06) has been financed by European Social Fund.

3. the supervising of care and guardianship practices in trained professional foster parents (from 2006 to 2008) - project financed from the funds of the Foundation "Nasz Dom"

4. making the Foster Care Center's residents independent through monitored employment in the Foundation

5. the realization of the two-year (10.2009-09.2010) project called "The social enterprise WINDA as an opening to professional career for adolescents from foster families", as part of the operational program Human Capital, action no. 7.2.1, co-financed by European Social Fund.

6. "Development and dissemination of active integration by the Regional Family Support Center in Krosno Odrzańskie", realized between 2011-13 within the confines of the operational program Human Capital and co-financed by the European Social Fund as part of action no. 7.1.2. The Foundation served as a partner responsible for social and professional activation of adolescents from foster families as well as for the activation and integration of the families' environment.

7. "The development and dissemination of active integration  by the Regional Family Support Center in Żagań", realized between 2011-13 within  the confines of the European Social Fund as part of action no. 7.1.2. In this case, the Foundation also served as a partner responsible for: providing support to professionally inactive residents of foster families, as well as to adults leaving their foster families and being at risk of social exclusion, as well as for the activation of foster families.

8. Quarterly seminar meetings of the Leaders of Regional Support Microsystem in the Center of Foster Parenthood in Sierczynek. They were attended by 10 to 13 leaders from the enviroments of foster families locates across seven districts of the Lubuskie voivodeship.

9. In the year 2014, the Foundation continued to finance on its own the professional and social trainings for adolescents from foster homes and care centers. A total of six people took part in these activities.

10. As part of cooperation with the Foundation Ashoka - Innovators for the Public Good, two vocational internships, two-week long each, were held in HILTI centers. These internships made it possible for young people to improve their social and professional competence through the contact with a big company. This activity is a part of cooperation with the private sector, whose aim is to facilitate the "transportation" of young people into the open job market.


Projects realized withing the program WINDA in the year 2014

1. The Cooperative Society WINDA in Lutol.

Founders: The Foundation along with the Żagań's branch of the Society for Foster Parenthood.

The CS WINDA runs the Program for Active Integration WINDA in the area of Żagań county. As part of its public responsibilities, it provides meals for students of primary and secondary schools in the area of Szprotawa borough. The society also manages the Foundation's affairs related to finance, human resources, administration, cooperative societies and other entities of social economy.


2. The Multifunctional Cooperative Society WINDA-2, whose founders are the Foundation and the National Board of Managers for the Society of Foster Parenthood in Sierczynek.

The act of establishing the society WINDA-2 is a reponse to specific needs, i.e.:

- that of effectively making adolescents who leave their foster families independent;

- that of creating professional space for those biological parents of children placed in foster care who started making efforts to get them back home;

- that of enabling autistic adults to make the first steps in their professional careers;

As of 31.12.2014, the society employs four young people, whose primary responsibility is to fulfil tasks related with the developing of green areas and with the care for farms and orchards of the Foundation.


Daniel Fąferko - the Director of the Foundation's Offices and at the same time the President of the Cooperative Society WINDA in Lutol, along with Anna Kulczyńska - the Director of the Regional Family Support Center in Żagań, were chosen winners in the competition for the Social Activist of the Year 2014, in the category Extraordinary Achievement in Social Help, in recognition for the Program of Social Activation WINDA - systemic solution of local social politics. The statuettes of the winners were handed to them by the voivide of Lubuskie voivodeship, Jerzy Ostrouch. The keyword for this edition of the competition was: "dignity"


III. The Program of Social Solidarity


1. The project "For Przemek" involved the continuation of fundraising for the sake of supporting Mr. Przemysław Gąsiorek and his five underage children threatened with getting orphaned and abandoned after the demise of the late Magdalena Gąsiorek, the wide and the mother.

2. The section for fundraising provided material and financial help to people in need, at risk of marginalization and social exclusion. These people were given food from the Greater Poland's Food Bank in Poznań, including food from the program PEAD (involved in providing the most impoverished people in the EU with food). In the Foundation the help was regularly delivered to 50 people. 18 people in need were given second-hand clothes, furniture, rehabilitation equipment, and furnishings, which were provided free of charge by the shop NASZ DOM from Zbąszyń. We supported financially 4 people from among our former foster-children, as well as 5 other people.

The Foundation "NASZ DOM" is the founding member of the Association of Societies the Greater Poland's Food Bank in Poznań, from which it receives twice a month food to be distributed amond the needy.


IV. The Program for the Environment and Agriculture

2014 was the first year in the third 5-year stage of the Foundation's program for agriculture. The program is being executed on the basis of the Plan for the Agriculture and Environment for the years 2014-20. In 2014, farming production included the cultivation of plants, which involved especially orchards with old species of trees, wild rosebush planations, along with the cultivation of vegetables and grassland. We started rearing cattle of the Hereford species (6 specimens). We also maintain a horse for the purpose of hippotherapy. We adhere to the standards of ecological farming and possess the certificate of conformity. The farm is subject to annual control conducted by an auditing company (Polish Center for Testing and Certification Inc., Division in Piła) The area of the farm equals 42,10 hectares.


Activities regarding social economy.

The shop NASZ DOM in Zbąszyń is run in cooperation with our Swedish partner, the Society RENINGSBORG Helping Hands from Västra Frölunda near Geteborga (

The shop has been operating since October 1, 2005.

The cooperation with the partner involves especially the handing over, free of charge, of the articles for sale, as well as the implantation of the shop's model for business and for the use and application of volunteer work. The shop sells such products as clothes, textiles, kitchenware and various household articles, furniture, electronic devices, sports and rehabilitation products. This is an example of activity oriented to social ecomomy, which combines social and professional integration with a profitable sales enterprise. In 2014, the Foundation employed 2 workers in the shop, both part-time. The operation of the shop was also supported by 11 volunteer workers who belong to the staff. The profits stemming from the operation of the shop have been assigned in their entirety for the realization of social programs described above and being part of the Foundation's statutory activity. The shop cultivates good social economical practices in Poland, and information on the subject are available on the website www. The shop NASZ DOM is open twice a week: on Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. On April 24, 2013, a division of the shop was opened in Szprotawa and is located on the ground floor of the building that houses the Center for Active Integration WINDA. The division sells clothing, kitchenware, and furniture, it is attended by a worker of the Foundation and interns paid by the Employment Office. Apart from the shop, the center is also a place of other activites, either organized by the Foundation or inspired by it. These include: The Cooperative Society WINDA in Lutol (finding employment for the young and excluded), the Society for Foster Parenthood in Żagań (providing food for poor families and people in need). The center is also a place for the integration of foster families, families that are marginalized and poor, as well as adolescents from foster homes, mothers trying to get their children back from foster care facilities and homes, and narutal families whose integrity nd functioning are at risk due to hardships. The center is located in a building that the Foundation (ground floor) and The Cooperative Society WINDA (first floor) rent from Kłodawa borough. Adolescents from foster families on the area of Żagań county renovated the shop's interior. Construction works were financed by the Foundation and The Cooperative Society WINDA, while the equipment and furnishings were financed by the local employment office.

Between Spetemper 21 and 22, 2014, we were visited by the representatives of the Reningsborg Society: Roland Lindal, Stefan Wing i Nicklas Sandgren. They saw the shop in Zbąszyń, met the volunteers and workers of the Foundation, acquainted themselves with the activities of the Foundation. On the second day, they went to the Center for Active Integration in Szprotawa, where they met workers and participants involved in projects in the area of Żagań county.


Local partnership for the sake of social economy

Local partnership for the sake of social economy was created in 2008 as part of Lubuskie's Pact for Employment. The Foundation is one of 67 entities that expressed their will to cooperate for the sake of social economy in Lubuskie voivodeship. A representative of the Foundation is a member of the Program Council of the Partnership. The main aim of the Council is to act in favor of integration and the development of social economy in Lubuskie voivideship.


Activities within the confines of Training Section

1. The service of specialist training and group consultation for the teachers of adolescents with social difficulties was provided between January and April of 2014 to the Center of Teachers' Improvement in Stargard Szczeciński as part of the project Toward Achievements - system for improving teachers and supporting schools and kindergartens in Stargard county. The service included 140 hours of workshops especially focused on problems in working with adolescents from malfunctioning families, foster families, and from institutional care facilities.

2. The service of performing actions with the aim of professional and social activation, as part of the realization of the program "Drop patterns! Coordinated actions of institutions od social care and those of the job market - pilotage." The service was ordered by the Regional Family Support Center in Żagań. The service included professional trainings held in family support centers of Szprotawa and Gozdnica, active family gatherings, as well as the organization and supervision of the center's activities along with the conducting of the meeting within self-help groups.


The Foundation Certificate


The Foundation has completed the three-month process of incorporating standards and by the decision of the Certification Committee it has been granted the Certificate issued by the Lubuskie Cooperation Network. The certificate is the result of the Foundation's effort to improve and perfect its organizational procedures. The Certificate was officially awarded along with a symbollic statuette during a ceremonious forum in June of 2014. The Certificate was achieved thanks to the participation in the project "goNGO!", realized by the Foundation for the sake of Collogium Polonicum in partnership with the Organization of Employers of the Lubuskie Land.


4. Information about an active business enterprise has been entered into the database of business entities in the National Judicial Registry. It is available in the registry under the no. 82987.

Effective September 1, 2005, the Foundation started a business enterprise in the form of the shop NASZ DOM in Zbąszyń, whose aim is to acquire financial funds for the purpose of statutory activities. The major object of the enterprise is the selling of donated second-hand articles.


Financial information

5. Information about the amount of profits, with the specification of their sources (such as inheritance, bequeath, donation, public funding including that from the Treasury and county budget), as well as about paid services provided by the Foundation within the confines of its statutory aims and with the consideration of their costs; if a business enterprise was in operation, then the financial result of this enterprise as well as the percentage ratio of the profit from the business in comparison to profits from other sources.

a) statutory activity (including the program for agriculture and environments)


Financial source

Amount in balance sheet year





Agricultural Restructurization and Modernization Agency






Grant for the realization of the program ‘Active environments as your own support and organizator



Donations for statutory aims



Donations for Social Solidarity Program



Donations of food from Food Bank



Other profits as defined in the Statute (especially cost returns)


                                                                                                                TOTAL:   349.391,65 PLN


Other profits in the statutory activity:

- interest from financial revenue:  0,00zł

- interest from other financial operations 4551,68 PLN


Altogether, profits from statutory activitities amounted to  353.943,33 PLN


b) business enterprise

Structure of acquired profits from business enterprise


Financial source

Amount in balance sheet year


Articles sold in the NASZ DOM shop



Training activitiy


                                                                                                            RAZEM:  292082,66 PLN


Other profits from business enterprise:

- worth of donated articles – 38519,30 PLN

- financial profits – 34,09 PLN


Altogether, business enterprise profits amounted to 330.636,05 PLN


c) the percentage ratio of the profit from the business in comparison to profits from other sources.

The Foundation's revenue in 2014 amounted to 684 579,38 PLN. The statutory activity account for 48,3% of the total revenue

  1. 3.      Information about expenditures incurred for the purpose of:

a) the realization of statutory activities, including costs of running administration


Expenditure type

Amount in balance sheet year


Costs of realization of statutory tasks – programs altogether



Program of NASZ DOM Community



NASZ DOM Community



The remaining costs of the NASZ DOM Community



WINDA Program



Social and professional trainings



Ashoka/Hilti  Project



Social-professional program WINDA



Social Solidarity Program



"WBŻ" Project



"Support the needy" project






Agricultural and environmental program



Costs of the project „Active environments as your own support and organizator”



Assets maintenance



Agricultural farm



WND building






Equipment and tools (including means of transport)



Costs of administrating statutory activitiy



Tools and energy usage



Outside services



Taxes and fees



Remunerations and charges









Financial costs



Other operational costs


                                                                                                               RAZEM:  477.620,97 PLN


b) the running of business enterprise, including its administrative costs



Amount in balance sheet year


Worth of materials and articles sold



Costs of running business enterprise



NASZ DOM shop in Zbąszyń and with a division in Szprotawa



Training Section



Costs of fixed assets maintenance



Administrative costs in running business enterprise



Use of materials and energy



Outside services



Taxes and fees



Remunerations and charges









Financial costs



Other operational costs


                                                                                                                RAZEM:  276.989,52zł


7. Information:

a) about the number of people employed in the Foundation with the specifications of who is employed on particular position and whi works as part of business enterprise.

As of December 31, 2014, the Foundation employed the following people:

  • The President of the Foundation;
  • The Director of the Foundation's Offices
  • Assistent for the Introduction of the Social Program (for the purposes of the realization of tasks within the project "Drop Patterns", requested by the Family Support Center in Żagań)
  • The guardian of professional trainings - 2 people (for the purposes of the realization of tasks within the project "Drop Patterns", requested by the Family Support Center in Żagań)
  • Administration worker (part-time; business enterprise in Zbąszyń)
  • Industrial worker (part-time; business enterprise in Zbąszyń)
  • Clerk in the shop NASZ DOM (business enterprise - Szprotawa)
  • Underage worker employed as gardener for the sake of the program for agriculture and environment.

In the course of 2014, the Foundation employed or gave employment to 12 people (the annual average calculated for permanent employment is 6,14)

b. about the total amount of remuneration paid by the Foundation, separated into remuneration, awards, bonuses and other benefits, with the specification of the total amount earned by people employed as part of business enteprise.

Total gross amount of remunerations equaled 169 469,97 PLN; of that, 93 326,45 PLN (or 55,07%) is gross remuneration for people working as part of business enterprise.

c. about the amount of annual or average monthly remuneration paid altogether to the members of the board or other organs of the Foundation, as well as to people responsible solely for running business activities, separated into remunerations, awards, bonuses and other benefits.

Not applicable

d. about expenditures on remunerations for orders

     Total amount 1 175,00 PLN


e. about financial loans granted by the Foundation, categorized according to their amount, with the specifiction of their recepients and terms, as well as with the description of statutory basis for the loans.

Not applicable


f. about funds located on bank accounts with the specification of relevant banks.

As of December 31, 2012, the bank account of the Foundation (in PKO BP SA) contained 137 948,81 PLN (of which 72 776,28 PLN was deposited on a separate account assigned for the realization of the project "Active environments as your own support and organizator")


g. about the worth of acquired bonds and the amount of shares or assets owned in commercial companies with the specification of these companies

Not applicable


h. about acquired real estate, its purpose and the amount of money spent for the acquisition

Not applicable


i. about other fixed assets and livestock acquired;

For agricultural purposes, six specimens of cattle were bought for the total of 22 027,20 PLN


j. about the worth of assets and obligations of the company included in relevant financial reports prepared for statistical purposes.

The worth of the Foundation's assets as of December 31, 2014 was 644 275,73 PLN,

The worth of obligations as of December 31, 2014. was 19 834,99 PLN,

20 910,60 PLN remained to be accounted with regards with the action "For Przemek"

The statutory fund as of 2014 remained unchanged.


8. Information about the Foundation's actions as ordered by state and municipal entities (including services, state-ordered commissions, public auctions) and about the financial results of these actions

The Foundation provided training services of for the total worth of 106 955,70 PLN

The financial result of the abovementioned action amounted to 8 385,48 PLN, all of which has been directed to the realization of the Foundation programs being part of its statutory activity.


9. Information about the settlements the Foundation made on account of its tax obligations, as well as the information about tax return.

The settlement regarding tax obligations and tax return.


1. The tax return form no. PIT-4R was filed in time;

2. the annual tax return form CIT-8 was filed on March 31, 2015,

Of the obligations binding for the day of December 31, 2014, the amount of legal obligation is the following:

1. income tax PIT4 – 2.841,00 zł - for Internal Revenue Service

2. social security and healthcare dues – 4.451,89 PLN

3. VAT for  December 2014 r - 3 027,00 PLN

The above obligations have been settled by March 31, 2015


The Foundation files the annual tax return CIT-8 on income tax for legal persons. The Foundation is exempt from income tax for legal persons.


10. Additional information

In the period the report pertains to, two controls were conducted in the Foundation:

1) On May 9,12,12,15 and 16 there was a control from ZUS for the years 2011-13. The scope of the control included especially the correctness and diligence in calculating the amount of dues on social security and healthcare, as well as that of issueing testimonials and submiting information for the purposes of social security. The control identified some irregularities that were corrected and accounted for.

2) On May 9, 2015, there was a broad control of the farm concerning whether production conformed to the standards of ecological farming. The control was conducted by the Polish Center for Research and Certification in Piła. The result: no reservations and the issueing of conformity certification for agricultural products for the year 2015.

3) On December 1, 2014 there was a broad control of the Foundation's farm, conducted by the Lubiskie's Division of Agriculutral Restructurization and Modernization Agency from Zielona Góra. The control was conducted on account of the PROW program, operating between 2007 and 2013. The result was positive, without reservations. Minor irregularities were found in the way the farming plots were measured, both above and below the norms, but they were withing the accepted error margin. The differences appeared because of the high-tech measuring equipment used by the controlers.


This report is signed on behalf of the Foundation by its President, according to the Resolution no. 2/15 from May 9, 2015.


Paweł Urbanowicz


Lutol Mokry, May 9, 2015