Services of the NASZ DOM Foundatiom for individuals, organizations, and local governments


Paweł Urbanowicz - co-author and many-year instructor of SPUR (eng.: Strenthening Family Training Program) for foster families, the coordinator of the NASZ DOM Community Program for autistic adolescents and adultsand their families and siblings; the creator and executor of projects that support people harmed by parental negligence and that offers support to them.



Consultations and conseling regarding the support for children and their parents in difficult situations, stemming from living together with:


- a person abandoned by parents (problems of foster families)


- a disabled person who is dependent and whose functioning is disturbed (problems of families overwhelmed by care duties)


- negligent parents




Daniel Fąferko – the director of the Foundation's offices, the coordinator of the WINDA program; the President of the Cooperative Society WINDA in Lutol, which is a tool in the WINDA program,


Consultations, counseling, trainings, and workshops regarding:


- the introduction of social and professional programs for adolescents leaving their foster families and care centers, and for other social groups;


- partnership in executing tasks between the government and social organization


- the realization of public/social services by non-governmental organizations


- managerial accounting (including that related with projects) in entities of social economy;


- the establishment and management of social cooperatives for legal persons