The team of the "Nasz Dom" Foundation


Paweł Urbanowicz –the president of the Foundation, responsible for its management and the coordination of the following programs:The Community "Nasz Dom", Social Solidarity Program, Agricultural Program, trainings, consultations and counseling regarding the support of children and their parents in difficult situations.


Daniel Fąferko the Director of the Foundation's Offices, accounting, human resources, business enterprise, the coordination of the WINDA program, szkolenia, consultations and counseling regarding the social and professional integration of adolescents and social economy.

Anna Urbanowiczissues concerning the residents of "Nasz Dom" Community for people with autism, supervision over "NASZ DOM" shops.

Barbara Kropp, Renata Łukasiewiczclerks in "NASZ DOM" shop in Zbąszyń,

Volunteers in "NASZ DOM" shops in Zbąszyń, Czerwonak and Szprotawa.